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PLC System

We offering of PLC System Integration & SCADA System Integration. Be it low cost machine-automation systems based on embedded technology for OEM's, a PLC control panel with HMI interface or web enabled SCADA System, we hold expertise in delivering customers cutting-edge solutions and services. From concept to commissioning, we provide them complete solution at a very competitive price. Our hands-on experience in designing systems using reputed brands of PLC hardware also ensure best and most economical hardware platform for specific application. The services of experienced industry professionals also allow us to select, combine & deliver solutions using the best and affordable components that suit the specific application needs.

System Integration Service Features:

  • Cost effective solutions for OEMs for their machine-automations.
  • Solutions for PLC control panel with HMI interfaces.
  • Solutions for web enabled SCADA systems.
  • Solutions delivered at very competitive prices.
  • System designed using known brands of PLC hardware
  • Complete project handling from concept to commissioning
  • SCADA System

    We offer world class SCADA System for the oil and gas, power transmission and distribution, alternative energy and water and other markets. We have extensive SCADA experience, provide global capabilities and specialize in turnkey projects. We are focused on providing efficient, safe and profitable SCADA operations for our customers.

  • Integration of various systems.
  • Fits within all budgets.
  • Technologically advanced.