SOLAR Array Junction Boxes

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SOLAR Array Junction Boxes

Boxes [AJB] also referred to as 'SPV Junction Boxes' and 'Combiner Boxes'. They collect DC power from PV strings and the collected power is then transferred either directly or through a main junction box to the power inverter.

Plug in /plug out type 'PV string input connectors' will be provided as optional. These special connectors enable quick, yet reliable connection and disconnection of the PV string from the array junction boxes. This is useful during maintenance and site up-gradation works.

Array Junction Boxes are provided with following accessories:

  • Fuse / MCB for over load protection on each string.
  • Fuse / MCB for over load protection on output side.
  • Isolator on the output side to isolate the AJB from the MJB / Inverter.
  • Blocking diodes for reverse current flow protection.