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We offer AMF and Synchronization Panels in which auto synchronization and load sharing functions are as per customer requirements. Integration ranges from 2 DG to 6 DG sets with man machine interface through SCADA systems.

  • The offered 'DG Auto Mains Failure Panels' are specially designed and engineered to automate the power system network. Our automatic synchronising panels are designed by the most experienced team who are experts in DG synchronisation panel design. The power handling capacities of our panels: 15KVA to 2000KVA.

    The AMF panel works in two different modes of operation

  • AMF MODE: In the AMF mode the entire operation of Generator starting, stopping and load changeover is automatic. When the AMF mode is selected through the Selector Switch 1, then If the main supply is available the Mains "ON" indicating lamp will glow and the Load is automatically connected to the mains. Whenever the mains supply fails the selected generator is automatically started and the load is transferred to the generator when it starts. In case the generator does not start after unsuccessful attempts or if any of the failures (Low Oil pressure, High engine temperature, and V-Belt failure) occurs then the 'Fails-to-Start' indicator will glow.
  • BYPASS MODE: In this mode the total operation of starting, stopping and changeover of load is done manually. When Bypass mode is selected through Selector Switch 1, the load is connected either to the mains or the Generator through the Selector Switch 2 (EB/DG). In the EB position the load is connected to the mains, if the mains supply is normal. In the DG position, the Generator is connected to the load.